Think, Once Again!!

फिर से सोच जरा

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Why are you running at the rear of someone’s dream?
When hearty eyes of your’s had a strong goal scream!
In the cognizant of world’s glee, you cast away from your trance?
Else you walked for the smooth footpath chance!

Ask the vital soul within,
This is all, your desire’s craving?
Off from your roots and asset of beloved ones,
You discover only hanging bucks?
Freeze! Hold-Up And Think Again!
Why the daylight of your life is full of woe?
If, you have captured the barrel of this universe a more!
Why still, there is a breeze of terror inside?
Believably , this is not the roadway to your reverie!
Think again!
Think again!

Original : फिर से सोच जरा

Translation by :14470703_1254754097878862_1054506418_n
Ritika Sinha


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